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In January 1999 in Montreal, twenty young film fans have launched a challenge: all will produce one film a month before the big bug 2000. Kino movement was born.

Because the bug is not really happened but the concept appealed to all, Kino went on his way over the years. The number of members has grown, as well as the number of creations.

Today, 14 years after its inception, the movement has become international and surprisingly found Kino 50 cells in 28 different countries and on the 5 continents. Kino network expect to be an  experimental  and launch pad laboratory for all movie impassoned.

KINO movement is synonymous of  independent and free production, whose motto is:

“Do well with nothing, do better with little

    but do it now! “


But maybe it’s best to watch a movie. Our friends from Montreal has realizd a video to present the KINO movement’s story for the 15 years of KINO (subtitles’re coming soon. We’re working hard on it)