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In 2001, Kino developed a new concept :  Kino Kabaret .

Kino Kabaret is a few days creation laboratory in which the artists perform spontaneous films collaborating with each other. This original concept is largely responsible for the proliferation of Kino cells worldwide .

The ” kinoïtes ” Kabaret participant must shoot and edit their films in two or three days to screen it during evenings projektion that close a work session . The only motto is to create within the allotted time. All the ingredients for a creative and dynamic network is set up with a good dose of adrenaline and exchange.

Kino Kabaret is open to all , young and old , students, amateur or professional ” kinoïtes ” worldwide. Filmmakers, directors, technicians, actors, editors, musicians, etc… The only condition is to be interested in participating in the creation of short films and evolve in the network set up .

Since 2012, the Kino Liège cell organized a kabaret once a year. It is a busy week divided into two working sessions of 56h and two evenings projektion to close them.